Man Strips Naked, Jumps in Shark Tank at Aquarium

There's dumb, and then there's this guy. This tourist visiting an aquarium in Toronto took stupid to a whole new level when he stripped nude and jumped into the shark tank.

Seriously. This really happened, and the whole ridiculous stunt was captured on video by the shocked crowd.

 The bizarre occurrence unfolded at the “Dangerous Lagoon” exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. Video from the shocking incident shows the man removing all his clothes before jumping into the tank, which contained tiger sharks and menacing-looking sawfish. “Oh my gosh!” an onlooker is heard saying in the video as the sea predators swim right by him. The nude swimmer then appears to have some trouble getting out of the tank.

Police say the stunt was extremely dangerous, and jeopardized the safety of both the animals and the staff. 

I honestly just don't understand this on any level... Did he think he wouldn't get caught? Or did he just not care? What if he injured a shark? Or what if one of them bit him?! Why did he think anyone wanted to see him naked?! 

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