Watch This New Mom Finally Meet Her Baby, Delivered By Her Best Friend

You can feel so much emotion in this video... The joy, the relief, and the reminder of all the heartache she suffered to get to this special moment.

Erin Boelhower tried for many years to become pregnant. She tried several rounds of IVF, and suffered multiple heartbreaking miscarriages. Earlier this year, her best friend, Rachel Checolinkski, gave Erin the greatest gift you can give someone... Rachel agreed to carry a baby for Erin. 

On September 19, Rachel gave birth to Erin's daughter named Scottie. The emotional labor was captured on video and if this doesn't make you tear up... Well, you might want to check and make sure you still have a pulse! 

Watch the moment for yourself when Erin finally got to meet her beautiful daughter... So worth the wait!



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