Is This the Most Dangerous Intersection in Chicago?

Chicago's downtown streets are full of pedestrians. People love walking this city-- that's one of the most charming things about Chicago! It's easy to get around on foot.

But... Is it safe? It seems like drivers- from cabs to CTA buses and everyone in between- are paying less and less attention to pedestrians. Despite staying in crosswalks and having the right of way, there seems to be no truly safe way to cross a street in Chicago.

CBS investigated the issue, focusing in particular on the corner of Washington and Michigan, right near Millennium Park. The footage they captured is disturbing. Car after car plows impatiently through the crosswalk, many not stopping or even hesitating for pedestrians. 

So as a reminder, when you're behind the wheel it's imperative to remember that pedestrians have the right of way! Even when you're in a rush, is it really worth taking the risk of hitting someone?! Slow down, watch for pedestrians, and let's all do our part to keep Chicago safe!

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