Family Still Searching for Answers in Kidnapping of 20-Year-Old

Five years later, a guilty verdict, and still no real answers about the fate of Heather Elvis. Her family is still searching for the truth.

A South Carolina woman, Tammy Moorer, has been found guilty of kidnapping the Heather back in 2013, but no one knows what happened to Heather after the kidnapping. 

Prosecutors say Heather began an affair with a married man, Sidney Moorer, who did maintenance work at the restaurant The Tilted Kilt, where she was a waitress. When his wife, Tammy, found out, she was furious, especially since she believed Elvis might be pregnant. Then in 2013, Elvis disappeared. Her car was found at a lonely boat landing, but there was not a trace of her.

Heather is believed to be deceased. But her family is still hoping to get closure in the cold case.



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