Good Samaritan Rescues Man from CTA Tracks at Logan Square Stop

It was an eventful morning commute for people at the CTA blue line stop in Logan Square on Monday morning. And for one man, he's lucky to be alive. It's all thanks to a Good Samaritan who didn't hesitate to put his life at risk for a total stranger.

Jessie Contreras saved a man who had fallen onto the train tracks during his Monday morning commute. The unidentified man was standing next to Jessie, with his back facing the tracks, when he suddenly fell onto the tracks. He was bleeding and unconscious, and Jessie immediately took action. He jumped down on to the tracks and pulled the man over to the edge. With a train just minutes away, more strangers pitched in to help pull the man and Jessie back up to the platform and safely out of the way.

You never know when you're standing next to a hero! Thank you, Jessie! 



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