Local Hospital's New Plan to Help Pregnant Women Addicted to Opioids

$1.5 billion is spent every year in our country caring for the smallest victims of the opioid addiction crisis-- babies born to mothers who were addicted.

One local hospital has put nurses on the front lines of the crisis as part of a new plan to encourage pregnant women to be honest with healthcare providers about their drug use instead of hiding it.

Northwestern Medicine in Huntley and McHenry are launching a program aimed at fighting the stigma mothers face, that stops them from seeking help for their addictions during their pregnancies. Mothers often don't want to come forward to seek help, which results in more children who are born addicted to drugs. Northwestern Medicine at these locations is training nurses on the science behind addiction to help bridge the gap between health care providers and pregnant addicts. 

The hospital hopes the new plan will help raise the number of pregnant addicts who seek help and treatment, and ultimately lower the number of children born addicted to opioids.



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