Video Footage Captures Lemont Drivers Ignoring School Bus Arm

In light of the horrific deaths of three siblings boarding their school bus in Indiana, parents all around the nation are taking a second look at how safe their own children's bus stops are.

One dad is Lemont was fed up with dangerous drivers in the southwest suburb of Lemont. He captured proof on video of car after car after car recklessly driving around a school bus that was stopped, with its arm out and its lights on. Bus drivers say this happens dozens of times a day. 

As a reminder, it is illegal to drive around a school bus with its arm out and lights on. You could face a 3 month license suspension for passing a school bus in Illinois; and for a second offense, expect to lose your license for a year. But of course, the worst thing that could happen would be taking the life of a child. It's well worth being delayed on the road to safe the life of a child. Nowhere you're going could be as important as keeping kids safe!



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