Could We Be In For an Extra Cold Winter? These Signs Say YES

This time of year everyone starts thinking about the cold months ahead, and what our winter will be like. Is this the year you finally want to invest in a new snowblower? Or will it just collect dust in the corner of your garage? There are plenty of scientific ways to predict potential weather patterns for the coming months, but what about tradition weather folklore?

The superstitious among us will appreciate these potential weather predictors! Everything from woolly worm caterpillars, to persimmons, to when the leaves fall can "predict" the weather! 

For example, have you noticed any strange behavior from squirrels in your neighborhood this fall? If the squirrels seem busier than usual, and their nests seem higher in trees than usual, you can expect an extra cold winter. 

Another funny piece of weather folklore says that the number of days of fog in August will equal the number of snowy days throughout the winter. That will set us up for 19 major snow days. Yikes!

Whether or not any of these are reliable is up for debate... But you still might want to consider investing in that new snowblower...



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