Keeping Kids Safe at the Mall This Holiday Season

Inside Edition found stories of men busted for exposing themselves at shopping centers across the country. For example, in one situation a security guard named Eddie Puga jumped into action when a man walked up behind a mother and daughter with his pants down. Puga detained the suspect until police got there and took him into custody for indecent exposure. In other cases, children have been the victims of kidnapping at the mall. 

So what can you do to keep your children safe, particularly during the holiday season when the malls are extra crowded? Here are just a few ideas. Watch the video below for more!

  • Make sure your child has your cell phone number memorized, or written down and in their pocket. You can also write it on their arm and cover it with liquid band-aid 
  • Make sure your child knows that it's okay to be rude to a grown-up if they feel unsafe, and that if they are scared to SCREAM and to RUN.
  • Take a picture of your child on your cell when you arrive at the mall so you have their exact clothing, hair style, and an up-to-date photo ready to go should you need it.



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