Sisters United, Two Decades Later

Not gonna lie... In a busy week that seems to be full of bad news, I really needed a story like this one. And I might be tearing up right now. Just a little! But before you judge me, I bet you'll get a bit misty, too!

When LouLou was officially adopted into the Brusnahan family, everyone in the room knew that moment was really special... Almost like it was something that was meant to be!

Nearly two decades ago, the Brusnahan family adopted a daughter named Katie. The Brusnahan family felt complete, with a mom, dad, two sons, and Katie. But nearly two decades later, they received a surprise phone call one day. Katie's birth mother had given birth to another little girl name LouLou. LouLou was in need of a foster family, and the Brusnahans welcomed her in without hesitating.

But what was supposed to be a temporary situation became a permanent one! The family fell head-over-heels for LouLou and adopted her into their family:

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