WATCH: Final Farewell For A Fallen Officer

Police officers from Chicago, as well as family and friends of fallen Chicago police Officer Samuel Jimenez, crowded a DesPlaines church to say their final goodbyes and grieve with his wife and children.

Officer Jimenez perished in the line of duty last week at the tragic shooting at Mercy Hospital. The officer was just 28-years-old. He is survived by his wife and three children. 

During the service, held in the Chapel of St. Joseph at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Father Dan Brandt said “He didn’t give his life. His life was taken from him. His life was stolen from him by a coward."

Fellow officers, like Officer Rafael Villegas, described Officer Jimenez as selfless and courageous, saying "His passion to serve others was one of his greatest qualities.”

“For the amount of stress we endure, he found light in a million ways,” said Chicago police Officer Miguel Guerrero, who was also Jimenez’s partner.

“He was the person who in the face of inhumane evil did the most humane thing one can do, and that is he sacrificed his life to protect others,” said Commander Marc Buslik.

Please keep Officer Samuel Jimenez's family in your thoughts and prayers during this tragic time. 



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