Don't Block the Box! Chicago Plans to Crack Down on Intersection Blockers

Think twice before you head out into that intersection! Are you sure there's enough room for you to make it beyond the light before it turns red? If not, you could soon be facing some serious fines!

The city of Chicago hopes to crack down on intersection blockers in the city. CDOT wants to install cameras in the city's busiest intersections to photograph and ticket drivers who block the box.

According to recent studies, red light cameras reduce safety risks, lowering crashes by 10%. The camera would also free up police officers to attend to other issues in the city, instead of ticketing drivers.

This plan would take awhile to implement, as it would require new legislation to be drafted and approved at the state level.

My only question is... Will they be ticketing CTA bus drivers? Because they're some of the worst offenders! 



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