Woman Faces the Student Who Killed Her Husband and Unborn Baby

THIS. IS. WHY. YOU. DO. NOT. DRINK. AND. DRIVE! Between Uber, Lyft, taxi cabs, or just sleeping it off in your backseat, there are so many options for safe ways to get home after drinking. There's just no excuse to ever get behind the wheel if you're intoxicated. You could destroy someone else's life...

This woman, Kristian Guerrero, is a true survivor who recently faced down the student whose drunk driving stole the two lives most important to Kristian: her husband, and her unborn son.  

In August 2016, newlyweds Kristian and Fabian Guerrero were driving along a road in San Marcos, Texas, when Shana Elliott hit them head on. Kristian, who was driving, was five months pregnant at the time. She was taken to the hospital and survived a brain bleed, however her husband was killed in the collision. An ultrasound nurse told her more terrible news as she recovered: that her baby died in the crash, too.

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