5-Year-Old Fights for Her Life After Dresser and TV Fell on Her

In the blink of an eye, this little girl's life was changed forever. 5-year-old Adryanna Nicole Stone climbed up a dresser to try to press buttons on a DVD player. The dresser wasn't anchored to the wall, and it fell on top of her along with the television, crushing her.

Her father, James Stone, says she was rushed to the hospital and given devastating news by doctors. While specialists did their best to help her, they told the family they were not optimistic about her survival. She had fractured bones in her face and other broken bones. A surgeon had to remove part of her skull so her brain had room to swell. Adryanna continues to fight for her life.

Her story is an important reminder for parents and caregivers to make sure that any large furniture or devices like televisions are anchored to the wall.



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