West Loop Murder Captured on Surveillance Camera, Still No Charges Filed

After the brutal killing of a cab driver in the West Loop by an Uber driver, the cab driver's family is demanding to know why no charges have been filed in the case.

Clear surveillance video shows the horrific incident, and the moment 64-year-old Anise Tungekar fell to the ground... The murder happened at Washington and Jefferson in the West Loop. According to an attorney for Tungekar's family, an Uber driver had damaged his cab in a traffic incident. Tungekar got out of his cab and walked over the to Uber. After exchanging words with the driver, he walked around to the passenger side of the Uber and flipped the side mirror. That's when video shows the Uber driver deliver a roundhouse kick to Tungekar's head, knocking him out. Tungekar died two days later at a local hospital.

The incident happened on September 2, 2018... Nearly three months ago. Despite the videotape, no charges have been filed in the case. CPD says the investigation is still ongoing. However, Tungekar's family and attorney are demanding answers. 



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