Captured on Video: Dad Fights Off Shark After It Attacks His Son

This video is wild! A family in Utah is in surprisingly great spirits after their family vacation to the Bahamas included a shark attack that was captured on video.

8-year-old Asher Jones and his family decided to do a group tour experience during their vacation where they got to swim with nurse sharks. Tour organizers also told the family the sharks they would be swimming with were harmless, and that they would only potentially "suction" onto a human's body. But they were proven otherwise. 

When Asher began swimming with the sharks, you can see in this video the exact moment he screamed loudly and realized he had been bitten. His father jumped into action and pulled the shark from his son. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped quickly, and Asher says the wound is healing nicely. And it makes for a cool scar and a sick story for this brave little kid!



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