Dash Cam Video from Michigan Captures Freak Accident with Snow Plow

A freak accident was caught on video when a snow plow dumped snow on a highway, shattering a driver's windshield.

The video was captured by a driver's dash cam in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kevin Hoffer was driving northbound on US-131, just before the Michigan Avenue overpass. At the exact moment he drove under the overpass, a county snow plow was driving on Michigan Avenue and clearing snow... Dropping it onto the highway below and directly onto Hoffer's vehicle!

Hoffer saw it coming, telling reporters, "I didn't nearly expect it to come crashing down and cause any damage. My entire intent was actually to not have it come down on my windshield and not be able to see the road because of traffic and stuff I wasn't trying to get out from underneath so it didn't do that and in turn it just smashed my windshield."

Fortunately, because he saw it coming, he wasn't injured and was able to pull over to the side.



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