Southwest Apologizes After Employee Mocked Girl Named "Abcde" (Not a Typo)

Southwest Airlines has issued a public apology after an employee mocked a child's name, and posted a photo of the child's boarding pass to Facebook. Texas mother Traci Redford contacted the company after she overhead the employee making fun of her 5-year-old daughter’s name, Abcde, (pronounced ‘Ab-city’) 

Traci and Abcde were preparing to board a plane when they heard a Southwest agent laughing and pointing at her daughter, mocking Abcde’s name. The same employee proceeded to take a photo of the little girl's boarding pass and share the picture on her Facebook account. 

While it was very unprofessional behavior, I can't help but wonder what will happen to this little girl when she gets into elementary school... middle school... high school... and beyond. People can be cruel and mom can't protect her from bullies forever. I hope she starts to prepare little Abcde for a lifetime of incidents like this- I can guarantee this will be the first of many.



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