Clark Griswold Christmas Display Scares the Heck Out of a Neighbor

I can't help but chuckle at this story! This man has such a good heart! I feel so badly that this scared him. I hope one day I have a neighbor as good-hearted as he is. 

We've all seen the Christmas classic "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," right? Chevy Chase stars as his beloved character Clark Griswold as a dad here in Chicagoland, trying to get his family into the holiday spirit. 

A family in Texas decided to pay homage to the film with their Christmas decorations, installing a hanging mannequin made to look like Clark... But what they really did was scare the heck outta their neighbor!

The good Samaritan thought he was responding to an emergency after he saw what appeared to be a person hanging from a roof, tangled in Christmas lights. The would-be hero was captured on camera trying to move a ladder to come to the man’s rescue, screaming for help and eventually calling 911. 



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