Wisconsin Woman Delivers Baby in the Car on the Way to the Hospital

Just like a scene in a movie, this Wisconsin woman sure has one heck of a labor and delivery story to tell! With the help of a 911 operator and her husband, Mayda Brunk brought their little girl into the world... And now they need to get that car detailed!

Jason Brunk, Mayda's husband, says he tried to get his wife to the hospital right after her water broke. He was driving 80 mph, but Mayda knew their little bundle of joy just couldn't wait! When he realized they weren't going to make it, he called an ambulance and pulled into the parking lot of a hotel. A 911 operator coached Jason on how to keep his wife calm, but within minutes the baby was ready to come out!

Mom and baby are doing just fine, and hopefully the car is okay too! Congratulations to this happy family!



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