WATCH: Brave 10-Year-Old Leaps from Window of Burning Building

This terrifying video was filmed outside an apartment building in Texas, where a horrific fire erupted in the middle of the night, trapping residents. The footage you're about to see came from a police officer's boydcam, and it shows officers racing up a flight of stairs, into the flames, to rescue a family.

During the confusion, the officers realize one family could not get out of the building in Balch Springs. The cops then saw a 10-year-old boy in a second-floor window but it was stuck and could not open.

One officer throws his baton with enough force to break the window, allowing the brave young boy to jump into the officers' waiting arms. More bodycam footage shows the heroic officers comforting the child, rescuing his mother, and getting the family to safety. 

INCREDIBLE job, officers! Thank you for your service to this community!

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