WATCH: Police K-9 is Not a Fan of His New Little Booties

Have you ever gotten a new pair of shoes that you just couldn't break in? Now imagine you've NEVER worn shoes in your entire life, and you get a new pair that you can't break in... 

You've got some idea of how this poor pup feels!

Jari is an awesome police dog in South Dakota who's going viral because he just can't seem to get the hang of wearing his new boots. His partner, Officer Mike Hower of the Rapid City Police Department, couldn't stop laughing when he saw the K-9 trying to walk in his new little pup booties. Hower says the video he took was only meant for friends and close family, but is glad the dog is making people smile. 

And there's something else for Jari to celebrate; this week he turns five years old! I hope he celebrates his birthday, and his viral fame, with some delicious treats!



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