New Scanners Being Tested at O'Hare TSA

If you fly regularly out of O'Hare, I'm sure you're familiar with painfully long lines getting through security!

Now the TSA is hoping to install some new technology to get you through the screening process faster, and on your way to your terminal!

New scanners are being tested that, supposedly, allow passengers to leave their liquids inside their carry-on luggage! Imagine going back to the good old days of not needing to have everything in a little bag, and the hassle of digging around your bag to find it, then having to jam it back in...

The new scanners create 3D images of the luggage scanned, allowing officers to get a good look from all different angles. 

So far, the airport only has ONE of these fancy new scanners to test, but the airport says they're hoping to have more up and running after the holidays.



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