Woman in Vegetative State Likely Felt the Pain of Labor

This story broke last week, but now more horrifying details have become public.

An Arizona woman, who has been in a vegetative state for more than 10 years, recently gave birth in a nursing facility. She has been under 24 hour surveillance for years. According to police, she's been repeatedly raped while under the care of the nursing facility. Staff claims they had no idea the woman was being abused, or that she had become pregnant. The staff claims they discovered she was in labor when she began moaning in pain.

While she delivered a healthy baby boy, a doctor says the situation was dangerous for the baby as well as the mother. Dr. Greg Marchand practices medicine in Phoenix, but did not treat the unidentified patient. He says her vegetative state probably prevented her from pushing the baby out. However, he says she likely felt all the pain of labor and could have been in labor in days or even weeks leading up to delivery. 



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