Paraplegic Passenger at O'Hare Forced to Scoot Down the Aisles of His Plane

A United Airlines passenger who landed at O'Hare airport was forced to scoot down the plane aisle on his bottom, multiple times, after the airline failed to accommodate his disability.

Tyler Schilhabel and his wife were heading to the Dominican Republic for their dream honeymoon. But their dream quickly turned into a nightmare when they landed at O'Hare for a layover. Schilhabel is a paraplegic; he was paralyzed from the waist down in an ATV accident. When he flies, airlines provide him with a special wheelchair that fits down the extremely narrow aisle of the plane. 

But when Schilhabel landed here in Chicago, no chair was available. And again on his way home, things were even worse. Schilhabel said he had to scoot through the aisle again to disembark the plane—this time through 31 rows! 



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