Moron Jumps Off a Cruise Ship, Miraculously Lives to Tell the Tale

Cell phones with cameras mean that we all see a LOT of really stupid behavior. People record all kinds of reckless and ridiculous stunts, but this one... Oh boy... This guy honestly shouldn't be alive after this!

This video, taken by his friends, shows Nick Naydev, 27, leaping off a Royal Caribbean cruise docked in the Bahamas. Naydev hurled himself over the edge of an 11th-floor balcony on the Symphony of the Seas and posted video of the stunt on Instagram. It's racked up more than 90,000 views. His friends laugh as Naydev falls to the water more than 100 feet below, limbs flailing. 

The stunt prompted Royal Caribbean to ban Naydev and his friends from the cruise line for life.



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