What Women Should Be Aware of When Out Alone at Night

I hate that these tips are even necessary... But sadly, they are. There are some sick people out there, and it's better to be overly precautious than to become someone's victim.

This past week, a 23-year-old woman in Boston was out at a bar with friends when she was separated from them. Surveillance video shows her leaving with a man who took her against her will. Police rescued her three days later.  

After a similar incident recently in Kentucky, people are wondering how to stay safe when they go out for the night. Security expert Steve Kardian says women must always remain vigilant. “Number one, never accept a drink from a stranger. Number two, if you get a drink from the bar, watch it being poured. Number three, never leave your drink unattended," he said in a recent interview. 

He says women are most at risk when they are alone.



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