This Chef Won the Lottery, and Used it to Feed Others

Every Saturday, Chef Roberto Mendoza cooks and serves food to people for free. Completely free of charge.

He says his difficult childhood in El Salvador inspires him to help others- he grew up with nothing, and he feels called to care for those in difficult circumstances. Chef Mendoza now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He recently bought a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket... And won $250,000!

He could have done anything with his lottery winnings. He could have taken a trip around the world, or bought a vacation home, or ANYTHING! But instead, he used that money to continue his mission of feeding the hungry, and caring for those in need.

Not only is he continuing to feed those in North Carolina for free, but he's also building a cafeteria in the Dominican Republic, to feed the residents of a poor village there.

I wish every lottery winner had a heart of gold like Chef Mendoza!



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