America Loves Michigan's Snow-Blowing Grandma

She says she's a tough old broad, who just doesn't need help from anyone else. I couldn't agree more!

82-year-old Marlene Downing is tough as nails. The grandmother from Michigan has newfound fame after pictures of her using her snowblower in last week's polar vortex went viral.

She says her grandson would help her if she asked him, but she simply doesn't need it! Downing says she enjoys being outside, and taking care of business herself. She grew up in North Dakota, and says the winters there put Michigan winters to shame!

More proof of how awesome this woman is: she says another reason she likes using her snowblower herself is that the sound reminds her of her Harley! She can't wait to get back to riding her hog on the open road... As soon as we thaw out!



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