Toddler is a Whiz in the Kitchen! Watch Out, Bobby Flay!

This might freak some people out, but I think it's pretty cool!

When her toddler began showing an interest in getting involved in the family's cooking, Kathleen Frank jumped at the opportunity to start teaching him these valuable life skills. Quincy, now 2-years-old, began learning to pour, scoop, and even cut with a knife! He began by cutting bananas with butter knives. Now he's using the real thing to cut cucumbers!

"I think being given meaningful chores in family life communicates that you too, even as a toddler, have a role to play and a contribution to make," Frank said in a recent interview after video of Quincy went viral. "I hope that he's learning that he's not just here to receive the contributions of others." she says.

Of course, not everyone thinks giving a toddler a knife is a good idea. And for some toddlers it would be a horrible idea! There must be close supervision. Consider trying some kid-friendly knives like these .



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