Teens Survive Being Stuck in the Snow for Five Days

It was 18-year-old Maia Herman-Kitami's first time seeing snow... Safe to say it had a pretty big impact on her.

Maia and Carlos Hernandez drove a Jeep deep into California’s Mendocino National Forest, hoping to see some beautiful fresh snow. However, they ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for when their Jeep got stuck in the snow, miles from civilization.

They tried digging themselves out, but as the snow continued to fall their efforts were useless and tiring. The only bright spot in their ordeal was that they had plenty of food in the car and gas in the tank. But they started to lose hope...

Miraculously after five days, members of a search party on snowmobiles spotted the pair’s vehicle, buried in the snow. They can thank the search teams for their lives.



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