Toddler Rescued from Inside Claw Game at an Arcade

Claw games at arcades are really frustrating. You can try and try and try again and still walk away with nothing! This little toddler decided to take matters into his own hands...

Ezra, a 2-year-old from Alabama, sneaked away from his parents and climbed up into a claw game machine to try to retrieve a toy from inside!

Kelsey Ingersoll and her husband were eating dinner nearby the machine when their 7-year-old daughter ran up to them and told them her baby brother was stuck in the machine. At first they assumed she was exaggerating, but sure enough little Ezra had gotten himself into quite a pickle! As you can see from the video taken of the ordeal, he was happy as a clam to be in the machine!

Firefighters were called to the scene and they quickly rescued Ezra, and even grabbed a toy on the way out for him.



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