Long Distance Marriage for Miranda And Me

My best friend said " you ought to hear the rude comments people are making behind your back!" I live a semi-public life so I didn't react until she explained it was about my marriage. My husband, affectionately called the Dancin' Farmer, was at a charity event in Algonquin when I met him. He is a third generation farmer who lives in far western Illinois and I live in St. Charles where my son attends high school. We've been together 6 years and have lived over 200 miles apart. It works. If it didn't we would make a change. We have long range plans to live together but at this point it's not much different than having a spouse who travels for work. We're together 3-4 days a week unless it's planting or harvest season. It does cost a lot more money to live apart but we both agree that our children are our priority. Moving a teenager from St Charles to a farm town with a population of 235 would not turn out well. WE love each other, treasure our time together and know that we'll grow old together in the same house. Congratulations Miranda and Brandon, you can make this happen and don't concern yourself with what the haters say...

Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin Plan Long-Distance Marriage at First


Miranda Lambert married New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin in a surprise ceremony last month, only a few months after the couple met.

With Lambert on the road a lot, and the owner of a 400-acre estate in Tennessee, and McLoughlin firmly established in NYC, the couple seem poised to enjoy a long-distance marriage, for at least a while, while they figure out their next move.

McLoughlin, who according to TMZ shares 50-50 custody of his 3-month-old child, was just promoted to sergeant, so it seems unlikely he will want to transfer anytime soon. But with Lambert's love of animals – she currently has eight dogs – it seems inevitable one of them will eventually have to relocate.


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