The Piglet Dumped In Aurora Is Screaming For A Home

Please don't fall for those adorable pictures of tea cup or mini pigs on Facebook. Yes, they are cute but they get BIG. I've rescued two potbelly pigs and they need special accommodations. Mr. Bean was 260 pounds when he passed. When they weigh that much, if they want in the cupboard they'll tear the door off. With that said, I love them. I pray the breeding and marketing of theses beautiful creatures will stop. Every month someone asks me to take in their pig because they've become too much to handle. Oh. watch the video attached to my tweet...they make a lot of noise when stressed.

Very special thanks to the wonderful people at Aurora City Animal Control. They saved this one. She was found by dog walkers along a bike path. Please don't discard your pets like trash. Do the right thing.





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