Meet Penelope The Pig

A few weeks ago I came into the studio, checked the news and saw a video of Aurora Police Officer Chris Weaver holding a pig that was found wandering along a bike path in Aurora. It was love at first sight. I've rescued two pigs who were found in similar circumstances.These pigs are cute but they don't make great house pets and they get BIG so people buy them on the internet and then dump them. Please don't fall for the marketing lies about "Tea Cup" pigs.

Penelope was saved by the amazing staff at Aurora Animal Control and when I met her she was stressed. I gave her a belly rub and we became friends. She is now at my home. Like most of these pigs, she hates the cold but is already house trained. We're slowly introducing her to the other four footers in my home and the kittens are comical when they interact with her. Check back for pictures and videos and please do not buy one of these pigs there are plenty always in need of homes. Check out the picture in the tweet below, you'll see the truth.




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