OOPS: Couple Misses Cruise Ship After Excursion Day

I can't even begin to imagine the panic I would feel if this were me! This couple returned to their cruise ship from a day in the Bahamas only to discover the ship was pulling away from the dock!

The couple frantically tried to stop the massive cruise ship that was leaving without them after they turned up 45 minutes late to board the vessel. The unidentified man and woman were supposed to get back to the ship by 3:30 p.m., which is the last call for passengers, but when they showed up at the dock late the door was already closed. Video captured the pair looking dejected at the ship leaves them behind.

A travel expert says you should always plan on arriving back to the ship 90 minutes before last call, giving yourself plenty of time to get there just in case something should go wrong. Better safe than sorry, like these sad folks! What a rotten, and expensive, way to end a vacation.



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