Doctor Warns of Highly Disturbing Content on YouTube Kids

As a pediatrician, a mom, and a child safety expert, Dr. Free Hess is always on the lookout for dangerous content on YouTube. She was shocked though when she discovered highly disturbing videos on YouTube Kids. She said she first saw them in July, after another mom told her about them. "There's a lot of recordings that I have from various cartoons on there that are depicting everything from how to commit suicide, hanging, slitting wrists ... on YouTube Kids," Hess said in an interview.

On her website,, she explains what she found, saying,

"My research has led me into a horrifying world where people create cartoons glorifying dangerous topics and scenarios such self-harm, suicide, sexual exploitation, trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and gun violence which includes a simulated school shooting. All of these videos were found on YouTube Kids, a platform that advertises itself to be a safe place for children 8 years old and under."



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