Unbelievable True Crime Story is Now a Hulu Special

Winter is the season of snow, staying home, and binge-watching TV! We still have a few more days before winter is over... And let's be real, we still have a few more weeks of winter weather. So before things warm up and we never want to go inside again, here's one last MUST-SEE piece of television!

The true story of Gypsy Blanchard is so unbelievable. It was a disturbing and puzzling case that garnered national attention. Now Hulu is telling the story of this family's unraveling.

Gypsy Rose had been told all her life that she was sick and in constant need of medical treatment and a wheelchair by her mother, Dee Dee. As she got older, Gypsy says she realized her mother had been lying to her and everyone else the whole time. Her mother, Dee Dee, was a con artist, who swindled people out of thousands of dollars, gifts, vacations, and even a home. As Gypsy began to see the truth about her mother, she plotted a way to escape...



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