Keurig & Budweiser Teamed Up to Create Instant Cocktail Machine

We are living in the FUTURE y'all and I for one am LOVING IT! Imagine having your favorite cocktail, in your own home, with just the touch of a button. No mixing or measuring, no running out of ingredients. Whatever you feel like drinking, whenever you want!

Keurig and Budweiser have teamed up to make all our boozy dreams come true. Their latest invention is called "Drinkworks" and it's a lot like having your own personal bartender in your home, mixing up whatever you want, whenever you want!

Make margaritas for Taco Tuesday! Or dirty martinis for TGIF! How about Mojito Mondays (let's make that a thing!)?

And it's not just for craft cocktails! This little gadget will pour beer and wine, too. There's something for everyone (well, everyone who is over the age of 21 and not driving).

Drinkworks is currently only available in a couple of states and sadly not Illinois, but according to their website they're working on expanding as we speak! Thankfully! The machine costs $299, cocktail pods cost about $4 each and beers will set you back just $2.25 each (a steal compared to a draft beer in any Chicago bar!)

Thoughts? I can't wait til this thing hits shelves nationwide! I'll be first in line!



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