INSANE Police Chase Started Because a Woman Was Late for Work?!

This absolutely insane police car chase will blow your mind, especially when you hear the woman's excuse!

It all started when Cleveland police attempted to pull over 23-year-old Imani Edwards for having tinted car windows. However, instead of pulling over, she tried to speed away and evade police! A chase gave way, and ohhh boy did it get wild!

At one point, dash cam video shows cops boxing her in. They approached her stopped vehicle on foot, with their guns drawn, demanding she exit the car. One officer tried to open her door... Until she barreled her way through, taking off again!

Edwards was finally caught racing through a residential area, where authorities tried again to get her to stop.

By the end of the chase, her car was totaled. Her explanation? She says she was late to work!

So either she REALLY loves her job, or that was the worst, lamest, most fake excuse I've ever heard!



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