Surveillance Video Shows Cable Guy Steal a Dog!

What would you do if you came home and your furry friend was missing? I would immediately panic!

That's what happened to Melissa Cortez. She returned home one day and couldn't find her 10-month-old pug, Andrew. Melissa immediately panicked, worrying that the pup had somehow escaped from her backyard in Riverside, California. Fortunately, her neighbor has security cameras that also record a portion of her backyard.

But Melissa couldn't believe what she saw on the camera. An employee from Spectrum cable company had gone into her backyard and stolen her dog! You can see him approach the fence, open the gate, scoop up the pug and run to his truck before driving away. Melissa immediately reached out to the company on the phone but was given the run-around and couldn't get any answers! So finally she tweeted the security footage to the company.

The company located and returned the dog, and terminated the employee.



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