MUST-READ: How to Protect Yourself When Using Ride-Sharing Apps

This devastating news hits home for a lot of people...

21-year-old aspiring lawyer Samantha Josephson was killed by a man police say she mistook for her Uber driver. This horrific story is reminding passengers about the risks of taking rides from virtual strangers.

Security expert Steve Kardian has advice for people using ride-sharing apps. “The Uber app will send passengers’ important information before the ride begins,” Kardian explains. Riders should confirm the car they get into matches the license plate given in the app.

Another tip is to ask the driver who they are picking up, BEFORE you get in the car. It only takes a second for you to confirm that they're really there to pick you up. That second could save your life.

Also consider screenshotting your driver's information in the app and sending it to a friend or loved one.



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