11 Children and Elderly Woman Found Living in Deplorable Conditions

Charges have been filed in a disturbing case in Dixmoor after police discovered 11 children and an elderly woman living in deplorable conditions at a home there. According to police, the children were aged between 2 to 12. The elderly woman has been identified as their 94-year-old grandmother.

Giovanna Davis, 24, is charged with one count of child endangerment and neglect. Police said charges against her sister, who is responsible for their elderly mother and five of the children, are still pending.

Police say all of them were found living in squalor and were the victims of severe neglect.

"We fed them last night, pizza and pops," Dixmoor Police Chief Ron Burge said. "You'd thought they had a big party. From their conversations, at one time they called their mother a few days ago and stated that they wanted some food. And she told them not to call her, she was getting her hair done."



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