Teen With Cerebral Palsy Gets a Hand Pulling Off an Epic Promposal

Ben Ullman and Kendall Krause have been best friends for 14 years and are practically inseparable. The two met when they were just three-years-old and became instant friends. Over the years, they've supported each other through thick and thin, and through many health struggles. Ben suffers from cerebral palsy, and Kendall has Aicardi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

So when it came time for Ben to choose a prom date, there was no question as to whom he would ask! He got a little help from his high school's men's choir to pull off the promposal for Kendall! Of course, she said YES!

Their parents and teachers hope their story shows the world that Ben and Kendall are just like other teens. I'm wishing them an AWESOME prom night! I hope they make some incredible memories together!



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