New Diet Lets You Eat Whatever You Want & Still Lose Weight

Bathing suit season is almost here, but since it's still pretty much winter in Chicago (hello weekend snow storm!) I'm still eating all my favorite warm, stick-your-ribs, heavy dishes! Anything hot or deep fried is right up my alley these days. And with baseball back in season I'm drinking more than my fair share of beer.

But according to this new diet plan, I could eat all my favorite foods and STILL lose weight. Say whaaaat?!

"There's no food that's off limits, absolutely none, there's no deprivation," Jorge Cruise, celebrity trainer and author of "The Cruise Control Diet," says about his popular diet plan. There is one caveat, however: He says you can only eat within an eight-hour window every day. It's called intermittent fasting. "It's really understanding that you can enjoy fasting without starvation," Jorge said.



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