New Details About the Horrific Mall of America Attack

By now you've probably heard of the horrific assault of a child at Minnesota's famed Mall of America over the weekend.

More than $600,000 has been raised so far for the 5-year-old boy thrown off the third floor balcony outside of the Rainforest Cafe. Little Landen was critically injured when he was hurled 40 feet to the lower level.

New information about the man who allegedly threw him off the balcony is coming to light. The boy was with his mother and a family friend when police say the suspect suddenly grabbed the child and threw him over the balcony. According to police reports, the man says he was angry because he tried to talk to women in the mall and his advances were rejected. He says he planned to kill an adult, but chose this child instead.

News stories like this cut deep for parents. It breaks your heart, and can make you afraid to even leave your house. Landen's mother asked for prayers for her child. In times like this, prayer is a good place to turn.



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