Mom Gives Birth to Twin Daughters After Losing Two Sons in a Car Crash

Trista Curry was driving her three children home to North Dakota after visiting her mother in Minnesota when an unimaginable tragedy struck the family. Curry's car collided with a truck. Curry and her daughter, Avalon, survived the crash; but her two sons, Camden, 9, and Maxwell, 18 months, did not.

Just three months after losing her precious sons, Curry learned she was pregnant with twin daughters. She says it took some time to adjust to the thought of welcoming more children after losing her boys. She was angry, and confused. But with the help of Avalon she began to see how they could all be happy together.

She welcomed the twin baby girls with open arms and an open heart, and made their names a tribute to the sons she said goodbye to but will never, ever stop loving.



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