Suburban Preschool Releases Child to Strangers

A suburban Chicago preschool is under investigation after sending the wrong 3-year-old home with complete strangers.

The story is every parent's worst nightmare. Samantha Lathus arrived at Crete Monee Early Learning Center to pick up her son and daughter, like any normal day. However, when only her son came walking out, she immediately knew something wasn't right. “I knew it was not normal for Bella not to come out with her brother,” Lathus said to CBS Chicago. “When they confirmed it, a part of me was ripped out. I was gasping for air.”

According to CBS, officials searched all over the school grounds for nearly an hour before a secretary realized they had handed Bella Lathus off to the wrong person at pick-up.

Somebody handed off my granddaughter to a stranger,” she said. “How do you not know you have the wrong Bella?”

Lathus said her daughter bears no resemblance to her classmate with the same name, who was picked up by someone on her parent's emergency contact list that day instead of by her parents.

My question is... Why would your emergency contact for your child not know what your child looks like?! Someone has a lot of explaining to do...



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