Principal Enforces Dress Code for Parents of Students

A Texas high school principal stands by her decision to institute a campus dress code for parents, despite backlash from all over the country. Principal Carlotta Outley Brown of James Madison High School in Houston, is at the center of the controversy. She sent a letter to parents warning them that they would not be allowed to drop off or pick up their kids if they were not dressed appropriately. “We are preparing your child for a prosperous future,” Brown wrote. “We want them to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.”

The dress code specifically addresses attire like pajamas, sagging clothes, swimwear, booty shorts, hair rollers, undershirts, and more.

I can understand a dress code for people entering the building, but these new rules even apply to parents who are just dropping kids off and not leaving the car! How can you even enforce it?



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