Teacher Conned Out of $50,000 in Social Security Scam

A Texas woman was the victim of an elaborate Social Security scam over the phone, losing $50,000 in a day.

Leslie Wilbanks is an 8th-grade math teacher. She received a call out of the blue from a man who claimed he was n inspector general with the Social Security Administration. He said she the victim of identity theft, and was under federal investigation as a money launderer and suspected terrorist. The con artist managed to scam Leslie out of $50,000 in gift cards over the course of a ten hour harrowing phone call.

The call ended when Leslie went to her mother's house and asked for $1,800 in cash. Kathy Wilbanks couldn't believe the state her daughter was in when she called her for help. “She was as frantic as could be," Kathy told Inside Edition. "I've never seen her that upset.”

Mom knew something was up. She says she knows the government will NEVER call you, and she's right! That's a huge red flag.



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